Salmo is a small friendly community nestled in the beautiful Selkirk Mountains of southeastern British Columbia.Known as the "Hub of the Kootenays" Salmo is located an equal 30 minute drive from the communities of Nelson,Castlegar, Trail and Creston. Salmo (originally known as Salmon Siding), Ymir and Erie were small mining towns thatgrew up along the right-of-way of the historic Nelson/Fort Shepherd Railway in the latter days of the 19th century.Mining and logging were the major industries in those early days. Mines in the area were major producers of gold,silver, lead, zinc and tungsten. Logging has continued to flourish over the years and continues today as a mainstay formany residents of the area. In the early days that valley was famous for its large cedar trees. Small isolated stands ofthese ancient giants can still be found in the area and huge stumps also bear witness to the size of the old trees.

Surrounding mountains, pristine lakes, streams and rivers make Salmo a natural haven for a wide variety of wildlifeand offer an ideal setting for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. During the winter months our local ski hill, located justminutes from town, offers night skiing on fully lit runs as well as great daytime skiing on the weekends. Salmo alsohas an indoor curling rink, outdoor skating rink and many kilometers of cross country ski trails. In summer, theoutdoor pool, many hiking trails and local parks provide endless opportunities to enjoy a healthy living lifestyle. Ontop of all that, some say it has the best drinking water in the world! All of this makes Salmo truly one of the best traveldestinations as well as a great place to live. Discover everything else that Salmo has to offer, and you’ll also want tobecome a part of it. Links of Interest

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